Financial Assistance

As part of its commitment to serve the community and provide quality medical care to all of our patients, Baylor provides a Financial Assistance Program to patients who satisfy certain requirements. This includes patients who don’t have health insurance and can’t pay their hospital bill as well as patients who have coverage with an insurance carrier but are unable to pay their portion of the hospital bill after insurance pays.

Eligibility Criteria

Financial Assistance Classifications

Methods for Applying or Obtaining Financial Assistance

Basic Guidelines

All patients may apply for financial assistance at any time during the continuum of care or after care is received. However, eligibility for financial assistance only applies to all emergency and other medically necessary care. Each patient’s situation will be evaluated according to relevant circumstances, such as income, assets or other resources available to the patient or patient’s family when determining the ability to pay the outstanding patient account balance.

The patient must provide information regarding the patient’s financial status and complete an application to be qualified for assistance. If you do not meet the income limits and cannot pay your bill, Baylor offers an extended, interest-free payment plan to those patients.

Please note: The financial assistance offered under this policy does not apply to physician or other professional fees billed separately from the hospital fees. Baylor reserves the right to further limit the services covered by this policy.

If you received services from a HealthTexas Provider Network (HealthTexas) physician, you may be eligible for Baylor’s Financial Assistance Program.
For more information, please visit HealthTexas’ website and read more about HealthTexas’ financial assistance policy.

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Determination of Financial Assistance

To find out if you qualify, please provide the following information during your application process:
1) Household Size1
2) Yearly Household Income2, which must be verified by one or more of the following financial documentation (listed in order of preference):

  • Pay check remittance;
  • W-2;
  • Wage and Tax Statement;
  • Individual tax return;
  • Telephone verification by employer of Patient’s Reported Income;
  • Social Security payment remittance;
  • Worker’s compensation payment remittance;
  • Unemployment insurance payment notice;
  • Unemployment compensation determination letters;
  • Proof of participation in governmental assistance programs such as food stamps, County Indigent Health Program (CDIC), Aids to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC), Medicaid, Women, Infants, and Children (WIC), or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), TexCare Partnership;
  • Bank statements;
  • Response from a credit inquiry;
  • Or other appropriate indicators of patient’s reported income

1Adults: In calculating the Household Size, include the patient, the patient’s spouse, and any dependents (as defined by the Internal Revenue Code (IRC)).

1Minors: In calculating the Household Size, include the patient, the patient’s mother, the patient’s father, dependents of the patient’s mother, and dependents of the patient’s father.

2Adults: If the patient is an adult, “Yearly Household Income” means the sum of the total yearly gross income or estimated yearly income of the patient and the patient’s spouse.

2Minors: If the patient is a minor, “Yearly Household Income” means the sum of the total yearly gross income or estimated yearly income of the patient, the patient’s mother, and the patient’s father.

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Length of Eligibility

Once financial assistance has been approved, it is effective for all outstanding patient accounts and for all services provided within six (6) months after the assistance application is signed by the patient or responsible party or the Baylor employee (“Date of Completion”). Financial assistance may be extended for an additional six (6) months with affirmation of the patient’s income or estimated income and household size. All patients must reapply after the initial twelve (12) month period is over. If a patient qualified under presumptive eligibility, financial assistance will only apply to the date(s) of service on the patient account balance being evaluated. Eligibility will not apply to accounts for future dates of service.

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Financial Assistance Documents

View Financial Assistance Documents for all Baylor Health Controlled Affiliates. Documents are available in English, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Vietnamese, Arabic, French and Mandarin.

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